Special Events

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How does such an event work?

We discuss with you exactly which topics should be covered in the seminar and which languages are of interest. We adapt the programme and finally add a creative hour in which famous song lyrics are translated together with the participants. Music and language then combine to create a unique language training that will always be remembered.

If desired, we can then organise a fascinating dance show with artists who are specialised in turning lyrics into a fascinating show.

This particular video was the request of one of our clients. He booked a show on the theme of a surprise birthday party in front of the Acropolis. This show also allowed us to support artists in Athens. Each video created promotes our artists and is of course provided to you personally as a memento.


How do dance and music fit into language lessons?

We bring the highest level of creativity to the classroom. Our seminars anchor language in the long-term memory of each participant. Science tells us that language is deeply anchored in the memory with images, emotion and fun. This is exactly what we do! We bring drive into the course and an unimaginable amount of fun. The language is learned with ease. Playful learning accompanied by music achieves incredible results for all participants.

We support artists from all over the world and, if desired, combine our seminars with a Latin American dance seminar followed by a dance evening for events of your choice.

Book our special events for anniversaries, incentive events, Christmas parties or other special occasions and we will offer your guests or employees an unforgettable combination of education and dance!

Contact us and we will adapt to your wishes!

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"Agemo accompanied me until my Abitur. I had English advanced course and had competent help. Appointments were scheduled so that I got my appointments with the experts who are specialized in English proficiency course exactly before the exams. It was creative and most importantly, it took the pressure off me because I knew that I had support all the way to the Abitur from a team that knew exactly how to prepare me. I am very happy to recommend it to others and would also call on the help at any time during my studies."
Constantin S.
High school graduate, Germany
"I have been looking for language lessons that fit my future plans for a long time. Agemo offers me full flexibility and I can take several languages at the same time, depending on which language will help me in my job. I have a personal language passport that I can always access. I can download it and do my exercises from my cell phone or laptop at any time, which are then corrected by the team. Simply great! My personal language teachers also send me recordings with translations that I can listen to over and over again so I practice my pronunciation and vocabulary whenever I have time. I am totally enthusiastic! It doesn’t get any more individual than this! Every Euro is worth it here!"
Esther N.
Student, Norway
"I have irregular working hours and can be busy at the last moment, so it is very convenient that I can book my German lessons at Agemo on the same day. I give my favorite topics, which are then prepared. My lessons contain exactly the topics that prepare me professionally for Germany. I have a whole language team behind me at Agemo. The team always adapts to my shift work. I even have my personal language coach. Whether it’s presentations; speaking in front of medical associations or communicating with patients, I’m super prepared!"
Christina S.
Head doctor, Greece