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...To Make A Difference

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

– Aristotle

Role models for our future heroes – our children

How do you change young people’s attitudes? You model to them how important values are. Education is not just theory. Practice brings theory to life. If you want to change the world, all you need is a life filled with inspiration and passion for a good cause. It is a positive cycle that can touch generations upon generations.

Why shouldn’t language teaching integrate the really important aspects of life? Our students and clients helped us clean up the beach in Athens. We are proud that even the youngest ones reached out to us. Over 25 rubbish bags were filled in one day. With this video, we hope to get people to join us and make our true home more beautiful through joint projects that can have a true impact on the environment.

Play Video
Play Video

Our song against racism created by our students and Agemo –teamwork that touched our heart

In an age of social media and technology, being close to our youngest becomes even more important. This makes it all the more important to bring people together. Each of us has the power to touch another person.

We decided to let our students express themselves with music and dance. Communication is one of the most beautiful ways to connect with people around the world. If you speak the same language, more and more interpersonal doors open. Communication combined with music is breathtaking.

We are happy to initiate projects with our students through our company, which promote communication among each other as well as mental and heartfelt closeness to fellow human beings. Together with our students, we have produced a song that is intended to meet everyone at eye level.

This song is about equal rights for all people and the fact that everyone has a right to education. Whether young or old, everyone should be offered the privilege of knowledge and enlightenment no matter the circumstances. Knowledge allows us to have a bird-eye view of the world, gives us an open mind, empathy, and high-level communication skills.

How beautiful it would be to have a world free of prejudice and full of compassion and understanding! Therefore, this song has been translated into 18 languages and was created with a lot of heart to fight racism and ignorance. It is symbolic of education, breaking the chains of prejudice and enabling intellectual freedom.

"Agemo accompanied me until my Abitur. I had English advanced course and had competent help. Appointments were scheduled so that I got my appointments with the experts who are specialized in English proficiency course exactly before the exams. It was creative and most importantly, it took the pressure off me because I knew that I had support all the way to the Abitur from a team that knew exactly how to prepare me. I am very happy to recommend it to others and would also call on the help at any time during my studies."
Constantin S.
High school graduate, Germany
"I have been looking for language lessons that fit my future plans for a long time. Agemo offers me full flexibility and I can take several languages at the same time, depending on which language will help me in my job. I have a personal language passport that I can always access. I can download it and do my exercises from my cell phone or laptop at any time, which are then corrected by the team. Simply great! My personal language teachers also send me recordings with translations that I can listen to over and over again so I practice my pronunciation and vocabulary whenever I have time. I am totally enthusiastic! It doesn’t get any more individual than this! Every Euro is worth it here!"
Esther N.
Student, Norway
"I have irregular working hours and can be busy at the last moment, so it is very convenient that I can book my German lessons at Agemo on the same day. I give my favorite topics, which are then prepared. My lessons contain exactly the topics that prepare me professionally for Germany. I have a whole language team behind me at Agemo. The team always adapts to my shift work. I even have my personal language coach. Whether it’s presentations; speaking in front of medical associations or communicating with patients, I’m super prepared!"
Christina S.
Head doctor, Greece

Our story

The person who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones

Education and values united. We help people for whom access to education has been hampered by life circumstances. Not everyone has the same opportunities in life.

Agemo offers educational programmes that ensure equal opportunities in the labour market. Our services and language experts specialise in addressing cultural differences and building bridges to promote understanding through education and empathy for fellow human beings.

We combine education and values for young and old and offer all participants fair career prospects in the labour market. Whether it is training to become a certified online language teacher or language teaching in over 18 languages for excellent competitive opportunities, we create opportunities for everyone!

Our projects with participants of all ages are based on a sense of responsibility towards the environment and understanding other cultures. Whether it’s beach clean-ups or creative music projects with children and adults, our heart beats for the connection between head and heart.


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The person who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones