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About Us

We want to connect the world and give everyone the chance they deserve!

Our Story

We are an international language institute that provides multinational companies and individuals with personalised, flexible, and innovative online learning services, including but not limited to translations and interpretations in 18 languages. Within our language programmes, we help our learners develop 21st-century life skills so that they can compete in this interconnected and interdependent world. At Agemo Education, we offer a wide variety of courses that adapt to any particular situation and preference.

Core Values


We do not want to force a fish to climb trees. Our innovative educational system, combined with our philosophy, guides us to listen to our students’ wishes and values, fostering profound and inspiring conversations.


Responsibility, sustainability, integrity, loyalty, passion, self-respect, philosophy, empathy, compassion, and more are integral topics within our teaching model.


We also engage in social projects where our students can join us at any time to help build schools in Africa, clean beaches in Greece, and other countries, or become future teachers for underprivileged learners.